Environomics provides economic and policy analysis on environmental, energy and health and safety regulations and issues. The firm works for both industry and government.

Our core expertise is in economics, but we are also particularly good at integrating multiple disciplines into a coherent analysis. We understand cost, benefit, risk, engineering, scientific, administrative, statistical and economic impact information and how it can be combined in studies to develop or evaluate regulations and policies. We can quickly identify critical points in the analyses supporting a proposed regulation or policy and understand how different information and/or a better methodology could lead to more appropriate conclusions. We can then acquire and assemble this different information (perhaps via surveys, interviews, literature review, expert elicitation or other research) and design and carry out a different analysis that supports a different policy or regulatory outcome. We also then have long experience in providing further analytical work to support a client's advocacy on the policy or regulation, including developing materials (briefings, fact sheets, talking points, position papers, memos, publications), providing comments (formal rulemaking comments; expert testimony before Congress, in administrative hearings, and in legal proceedings) and participating in discussions (with stakeholders; meetings at OMB/OIRA or with regulatory agencies; conferences; webinars) to advance the client's position.

Our effectiveness in this work stems partly from having worked for and understanding "both sides of the fence" -- Environomics' President has managed regulatory analysis functions at the Environmental Protection Agency, has worked at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and on the White House policy staff, and he and the firm have consulted for more than two decades for federal regulatory agencies as well as for industry. We are very familiar with the various requirements for analysis to support federal regulations, including the White House executive orders and OMB circulars requiring regulatory impact analyses and outlining "best practices," and SBREFA and UMRA. These requirements for thorough economic analysis provide a guide to good analysis for regulatory agencies and, when a regulatory agency's performance does not measure up to these standards, the shortfall relative to these standards can be used to industry's advantage.

Environomics can perform analytical studies directly for clients, critically review and improve analyses developed by others, manage subcontractors performing analytical work for clients, and/or train and assist a client's personnel in analytical methods. We integrate diverse analytical approaches (e.g., risk analysis, economic analysis, benefit-cost analysis, strategic planning, financial analysis, simulation modeling, decision analysis, cost evaluation, institutional assessment) to provide a coherent and practical response to a client's needs.

Economic and policy analysis on environmental, energy, health,
and safety regulations and issues

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